About artist

Giorgi Kukhalashvili ( Art name Gogya ) born in 1982 is a Georgian artist. He lives in Tbilisi. In 2002 he graduated from the Tbilisi Jacob Nikoladze Art Institute. During 2002-2007 he studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Fine Arts department.

1998 Since 2002 he has been working in his private studio. In 2010 he founded a Young Artists’ Union “Language of Art”. The organization actively participates in the cultural life of Georgia.

In 2016 Giorgi Kukhalashvili's work "Hieronymus Bosch's Dream" was sold for $50 000 in Netherlands. During 2016 within the project " Giorgi Kukhalashvili - Hieronymus Bosch's Dream "  the artwork was exhibited in twelve cities in Netherlands and in Belgium. 

Giorgi Kukhalashvili's works are kept in private collections in Georgia, The Netherlands, Russia, France, Belgium, Great Britain and the USA. In museums: Georgian National Museum and Georgian Museum of Modern art. 

The art experts recognize him as a high professional artist, with a very peculiar technique and pictorial language. His paintings charge with a strong, positive energy. Along with the artistic value Giorgi Kukhalashvili’s works bear a social function as well.